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Hi BomBombs!

With the chaos and uncertainty of the current situation we’re in, we are looking to make sure we still support each and every one of you on your BomBomb journey and offer you at least an hour of Sparkle each week, while making sure that once this has blown over and things are back to normal we still have BomBomb Fitness to come back to! We also want to make sure your physical and mental health during this time is still supported by your BomBomb family!

As you know, physical classes have now been postponed, however we are keeping you sparkling with Online Classes!




Every Friday evening, we will be sharing a variety of exercise videos for you to follow along at home. These will include some familiar warmups, stretch routines, HIIT style exercises and new cardio dance routines.


Each Saturday we will be sharing a full dance class of a fun, one-off dance routine that you can learn at home, along with a full demo to practice with as much as you like at the end. These will include 90s dance parties, Disney, and many other fun lighthearted dances!


On a Sunday evening we will be sharing a dance class of what we will be learning in classes during the week, as if you were in the class, for Hyde Poppers, Cheadle/Oldham Poppers and Dolls classes. You will be able to watch this at any time to fit around your own weekly plans! You are welcome to comment on these videos and if you have any questions or need more instruction, we will film other videos in the week to address any issues you’re having.Please note, whilst we are sharing these videos with you, participation at home is at your own risk.


We hope you are looking forward to the above classes, but if you do have any other requests for tutorials, blogs or other BomBomb related videos we can offer you, please do suggest them and we will do our best to make these happen! 

Should the coronavirus still be enforcing isolation at the start of the next term and our venues are forced to close, we will still be operating BomBomb Fitness online. While we may not be able to run classes physically in the short-term, we hope that you will still be able to continue with your BomBomb classes online.

That being said, as we do have a studio, and all other associated costs in keeping our dance school running, these costs will not go away should we have to close. In order to ensure there is a school for you to come back to after the virus has passed, I hope you will see the value in what we are providing online, and still be able to contribute your membership fees to keep us going, and fund the hard work we will still be doing behind the scenes.
If you are currently a BomBomb Fitness Member there is nothing you need to do, you will receive access to all of these videos each week, either by email, WhatsApp or Facebook.
If you are not currently a BomBomb member but would still like to continue to have access to the Online Classes, including Friday Night Fitness, Saturday Dance Parties, Fitsteps Live, Sunday Tutorials and keep the studio going during this difficult time, this is available for £20 a month. This can be paid by PayPal to or bank transfer to 010502 36185779.

If you have not currently paid for this term, payment will be due on the 1st April, if you are paid up to date for this term, this is due by 15th April.

We also appreciate that things may be difficult for you at this time, and that you may no longer have your own employment. If you do need to stop your BomBomb membership, please contact Kimmie to discuss this. 



A fabulous idea has been suggested by one of our BomBombs.
We know that some of you will be affected by the current situation and be out of work. The thing we do best as BomBombs is pull together in times of strife, and this is what we're going to do! If you are unfortunate enough to no longer be receiving your salary due to the virus, you can apply for the BomBomb Hardship Fund to allow you to continue with your BomBomb classes online and/or in person.

If you are fortunate enough to still be earning your pennies and would like to contribute to our hardship fund so that your fellow BomBombs can still come to class and our Studio will come through this the other side as sparkly as ever, you can do so through PayPal on the link below. Please do include a note that this is for the hardship fund so we know where to allocate it. Any contribution would be gratefully received! 


"It has taken 8 years to get to where we are today, and without the support of our instructors Nikki and Maxine, and each of you attending classes, shows and workshops over this time, there is no way I would have been able to make BomBomb Studios what it is today. I have sweated and sparkled way too much to let this disappear, and the realisation that this could actually happen terrifies me! But we are resilient, strong and supportive ladies, I see that in each and every one of you in how you support each other from newbies attending their first class, to performing on stage for the first time, to entering burlesque competitions and blossoming into the inspiring women each of you are! We have survived studio closures and burglaries, grown from one class a week to seventeen classes a week, performed in conservative clubs with a dressing room in a disabled toilet to dancing on a big stage with fabulous techie support and together we WILL survive this!"
Stay safe, and more importantly, stay sparkly!
Kimmie xxx 




136 - 138 Market Street,
Hyde, SK14 1EX



07794 779785

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