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BomBomb Fitness Show days are amazing fun but are just that, the entire day! We hope the information below will be useful for you first time BomBomb Performers.


Show Date: Saturday 28 October 2023

Venue address: Hurst Community Centre, Kings Road, Ashton, OL6 8EZ (next door to the church)


Technical Rehearsal: 2.15pm – 6pm

Doors: Audience members are permitted to arrive at 7pm standard tickets, or 6.45pm VIPs.

Early access is not permitted for any audience member.

Show Times: 7:45pm – 10.30pm (times are approximate)

Act 1: 7.45pm – 8.30pm

Interval 1: 8.30pm – 8.45pm

Act 2: 8.45pm – 9.30pm

Interval 2: 9.30pm – 9.45pm

Act 3: 9.45pm – 10.30pm

Additional Rehearsals:

BOOK FITTON: Monday 23 October | 6.45pm – 7.45pm | £5 | BomBomb Studios, Hyde

BOOK CHEADLE/OLDHAM: Monday 23 October | 8pm – 9pm | £5 | BomBomb Studios, Hyde

BOOK HYDE POPPERS: Tuesday 24 October | 6.45pm - 7.45pm | £5 | BomBomb Studios, Hyde

BOOK DOLLS: Tuesday 24 October | 8pm - 9pm | £5 | BomBomb Studios, Hyde

OWN CHOREOGRAPHY: Wednesday 25 October | 7pm – 9pm | Free of charge | BomBomb Studios, Hyde (booking required)


We will be running the technical rehearsal from 2.15pm.

Each Act takes around an hour to rehearse with the lighting, sound, and stage placement.

If you are in Act 1, please arrive at 2pm, Act 2, please arrive at 3pm, Act 3 please arrive at 4pm.

After we have had a full run-through of the show, we will rehearse the finale. A video has been shared on the Facebook Group, please have a look at this in advance.

You are welcome to leave the theatre after you have completed all of your rehearsals. You MUST be back at the venue by 5.30pm to run the finale.  

It’s also recommended to bring a hoodie as it can be a little chilly, and comfy shoes/slippers while you are waiting to perform.

Please bring food and drink with you for the day (see below).


Performers should be backstage no later than 7.30 if you are in Act 1.

A 5 minute curtain call will be given during each interval. If you are in the next Act please make your way backstage at this time.

Show programmes will be pinned up around the venue for you to check.

Waiting to Perform:

Please be in the backstage waiting area (not side of the stage, but the small room at the bottom of the stairs) two acts before you are due to go on. You will be able to watch the show from the TV in the area. Please DO NOT wait in the wings. We have more performers than ever and lots of props and there isn’t a lot of room at the side of the stage. The Stage Manager (Maxi) or Kitten will collect you when it is time to make your way to the wings. Kimmie will be compering in between so there will be plenty of time for you to get to the stage for your Act.

After you’ve performed:

Please do not leave the stage (unless that is part of your routine) until the lights have dimmed, but hold your pose. Once you have completed your fabulous routine, please quietly return to the dressing rooms. Remember the audience can still hear you until you are officially backstage.

If you wish to watch the show from the balcony, you will need to exit using the fire exit backstage and walk around the building to the smokers entrance, where there is a staircase to the balcony and bar. You cannot walk through the stage.

Props and costumes:

Any props/costume left on stage will be returned to the backstage waiting area in the intervals, please remember to collect all of your belongings in the intervals or at the end of the show.

The finale will take place at the end of the show, however, if you need to leave early you are more than welcome to.  


Watching the show:

BomBombs are welcome to watch the show from the balcony.

Video and Photography:

IMPORTANT Audience members are NOT ALLOWED to take photography or film the show. Anyone caught doing so will be asked to leave. This is for the protection of ALL performers. We have a professional photographer and cameraman who will capture the show and will offer the videos digitally via private YouTube link, and photographs via Facebook/Dropbox free of charge in the weeks following the show. 

IMPORTANT: BomBombs ARE allowed to take photographs/video from the BALCONY ONLY and NOT the auditorium.


Parking is available on the side streets and limited spaces are available at the rear of the building and in front of the building, please make sure you don’t block anyone in (unless you know who it is and they are staying for the duration).


Tickets are £10 standard, £16 VIP in advance, and £12 on the door if we have any remaining. These can be purchased at Please note the evening will include partial nudity (striptease to nipple tassels/underwear) and all audience members must be at least 18. VIP tickets are sat on the front seat, all other seating is non-reserved.


If you have offered to help out at the show, please double check the job description on the notice board at the showcase. Kimmie will notify you in advance as to which jobs you have been allocated.

Backstage etiquette:

Please make sure you take EVERYTHING home with you.

Please also be sure to use the bins (with a bin bag) provided. We have to empty these at the end of the night and bins without/with slipped bin bags is not fun!

We also ask that students help clear away the chairs and main theatre area before they leave, as we cannot do so until it is “as we found it”. Many hands make light work!

Food and Drink:

It is a long day, so please bring food and drink to sustain yourselves throughout. Tea/Coffee will be available but please bring your own cup. IMPORTANT performers are welcome to purchase ONE ALCOHOLIC DRINK from the bar before performing (don’t forget we have the finale).

Emergency contacts:

Kimmie: 07794 779785

Maxine: 07581 024303

Show Day Itinerary: About
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