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Poppers & Dolls

Applications close 17 September

The Show

Show Date: Saturday 28 October 2023

Door Open: 7:00pm

Estimated start time: 7:45pm

Estimated finish time: 10.30pm

Venue: Hurst Community Centre, Kings Road, Ashton-u-Lyne

The Rehearsals

Please see Performer Information  for details of rehearsals.

Routine and Costume:

Calling all the Monsters | Hyde

  • Nude tights

  • Cheerleader style outfit

  • White pumps

  • Pompoms (provided)

  • Horror make-up 

Kill of the Night | Cheadle/Oldham

  • Short black skirt

  • Black fishnet tights

  • Black shoes (flats or kitten heels)

  • Black & white top (any style)

  • Accent of silver accessories e.g. neckerchief, flower 

  • Silver cane (provided) 

Call Me Devil | Fitton

  • Nude tights
  • Black shoes
  • Black shorts/frillies
  • Navy blue top 

Toxic | Dolls 

  • Nude tights/fishnets

  • Black/Red tutu or petticoat

  • Black/Red (opposite to tutu) top/corset

  • Red lipstick 

  • Red ribbon (provided)

  • Black shoes  

Cherry Poppers:

Please note, Oldham and Cheadle classes will be learning a different routine to Poppers in Hyde.



You will be added to the Cherry BomBomb Performance Group to keep you up to date with all

information and confirm your application has been received. If you are not a Facebook user we will contact you by email/whatsapp. 


There’s no application fee for performing Class Choreography. However their will be an additional class rehearsal, just for performers which will include our dress rehearsal, the week prior to the showcase. The fee for this class is £5. ​

If you agree to perform in group choreography you MUST attend the FULL TERM of classes for that routine. If you are aware of classes you may miss in advance, please inform Kimmie or Maxine as soon as possible.


If you miss TWO CLASSES in the show routine you will NOT be able to perform in the showcase. You can use catch up classes to make sure you attend enough classes throughout the 6 weeks.

Class Applications: About


Class Applications: Classes


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