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Worried about coming to classes? Hear from some of our current students on what being a BomBomb is really all about!


Meet Linzi

After a rough couple of years that had really shaken my confidence, I had worked really hard to lose weight and in doing so I HATED exercise so wanted to try and ignite that active spark... I saw a post on Facebook and thought, why not!? I expected to turn up at the taster, feel awkward and run for the hills! Instead I was greeted by the smiling face of Cherry Lace and a great group of welcoming women, half way through the taster I was hooked! I was sure I would never have the guts to do a show, within the year I had done 2 (including a solo!). Everyone is amazing, supportive and it is such a good giggle! I know I have some great friends in class and I'm actually enjoying exercise now! Never, ever thought I would say that! xx

Meet Karen

I joined BomBomb Fitness in August 2018 after seeing them advertised on Facebook. Although I'd danced before, I'd never done burlesque and thought I'd give it a go. I arrived at class to be welcomed so warmly by everyone there, and made to feel so comfortable. I'm not particularly comfortable in my body. I never have been. But working with all the burlesque ladies and teachers I realised the only person stopping me, was me! I've dived in head first to the show in October '18, then performed my first solo in the April '19 show! It was so liberating, and I felt amazing. I cant wait to do another.

Karen won our Fanciest Footwork 2019 Award! 


Meet Jo

I have been a BomBomb for the last few years and I dance with girls all sizes, ages and standards of fitness. I am totally uncoordinated and was repeatedly told as a child that I couldn’t dance and wasn’t good enough to perform. (Nobody cared about kids feelings in the 70s!!) I perform a couple of times a year as Truffles la Pêche- check it out; I have a page! - in troupe routines AND I DO SOLOS! I dance 4 times a week; 3 with BomBomb Fitness. Why? Cos it makes me happy! Really happy!! How? Because the instructors had/have complete faith in me and are behind me all the way, along with all the other BomBombs. I’m still uncoordinated. But I put in the effort and the hours because bombomb fitness has given me the confidence to know I’ll rock it in the end, whatever happens, and that confidence is priceless. Especially at a time in my life where confidence is being knocked daily.

Meet Lindsey

Approx four years ago I walked into a room knowing no one. I was a mother to a newborn, suffering with mental illness. I felt low needing a little me time. From that day forward each lesson I gained so much confidence and support. I made friends for life. I performed on stage with oh so beautiful ladies; which only added to my self esteem. It changed my life so much that I gained the confidence to go back to medical school and get my degree. Whilst I don’t attend dance class at the moment due to placements, my BomBomb friends still share my journey, they still have my back and I take them everywhere. And even though my mental health issue is still a part of me, it no longer holds me tight. Without theses ladies I wouldn’t have been the me I am today. xx

veronica halley.jpg

Meet Max

Being a big girl my confidence was always low. Before my first class I was so nervous... until around 5 minutes in; I'd never smiled so much. Now after however many years and shows (including solos) with Kimmie, you wouldn't recognise the person I used to be to who I am now. Still big but confident and happy. Break through the nerves to the fun beyond, you will never look back. x

A few years on Maxine is now one of our brand new fabulous teachers! We're so proud of how far she has come with us!

Meet Veronica

Before finding Burlesque I had never really felt comfortable with myself. I used to put myself down all the time. For having a big belly, for being short, for not looking like so and so.... the list is endless. I would never go out dancing with friends because I felt out of place, ridiculous, observed and judged. Thanks to a burlesque course I started looking at myself in a complete different way. I changed my mindset and started trying new things! This is where BomBomb Fitness came in. The first few classes I thought I was dumb because I couldn’t remember the steps straight away. 6 weeks in I still felt lost, but it didn't matter, I was happier in myself and my progress. Happy enough to dare to not only dance in public, but do it in fancy dress and in front of an audience!! Can’t thank enough everyone I’ve met along the way who has helped me grow. I am now living my best life. Taking risks, trying new things. Letting myself be myself without any inhibitions! Burlesque has truly changed my life. x

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