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BomBomb Fitness is delighted to offer our students the opportunity to grace the stage in our two annual theatre showcases! We also have a number of performance opportunities throughout the year, including fetes and fairs, Christmas carnivals and private functions for those bitten by the performance bug!

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Performing: Headliner
Mistress Millie
Miss Millie Tant and Raven Snow
Petit Tout Belle
Linda Las Flores
Pixie Demander
Ginger Blossom
Rosie Delight
Veronica L'Orange
Indigo Vista
Opal Skye
Scarlett Capri
Belle Noir
Angelica Twist
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What a fabulous night out! It's great to see so many different ladies (and gents!) having a great time and really coming to life on the stage!  We've been to a few showcases now and it's so nice to see familiar faces growing in confidence with each show! I would definitely recommend coming along to a BomBomb showcase, you'll soon see what all the fuss is about! 

Penny, Showcase attendee

Performing: Student Reviews
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