Showgirl Fit Classes


BomBomb Fitness offers burlesque and dance fitness classes that will not only get you sparkling on the outside, but sparkling on the inside too! We all know how important it is to exercise, but we believe it is as important to feel confident and fabulous in your own skin as well! This is our mission at BomBomb Fitness and our classes help us to achieve this.



Classes start with our fifteen minute fit workout; a pulse raiser to get us warmed up and sparkling all over, followed by two muscle tone workouts, focusing on either bums, quads, calves, shoulders, arms or abs. We incorporate a wide range of dance and fitness moves, including Salsa and Charleston, Burlesque and Showgirl, Aerobics and Muscle toning to give you a workout guaranteed to make you sparkle! Don’t worry if you are completely new or not as fit as you’d like to be, our moves can be tailored to suit all levels from complete beginners to fitness veterans!

We then move on to our routine section, where over the course of six weeks we learn a full burlesque showgirl inspired dance designed to not only improve movement memory and offer a cardio workout, but to fill you full of confidence as you strut your stuff around the studio with other like-minded ladies seeking to sparkle!  

Finally, we cool down with a full body stretch to relieve the tension and sooth our muscles after our workout!

Classes are suitable for all ladies 16+, regardless of shape or size and absolutely no previous experience is necessary!

£33 a term or from £19.25 a month

Fitness Class


Fitsteps for all bodies, ‘FAB’ is a dance fitness workout designed for people who love to dance, want to keep fit, and love Latin and Ballroom dance steps! 

FAB combines old style dance genres such as the Bosa Nova & Foxtrot to the Flamenco & Argentine Tango. 

The dance steps are easy to follow enabling more people to have fun getting fit while learning classic dances of the ages.

£4 a class or included in your membership.

Showgirl Fit Classes

I joined BomBomb Fitness in August 2018 after seeing them advertised on Facebook. Although I'd danced before, I'd never done burlesque and thought I'd give it a go. I arrived at class to be welcomed so warmly by everyone there, and made to feel so comfortable. I'm not particularly comfortable in my body. I never have been. But working with all the burlesque ladies and teachers I realised the only person stopping me, was me! I've dived in head first to the show in October '18, then performed my first solo in the April '19 show! It was so liberating, and I felt amazing. I cant wait to do another.



07794 779785

1 Croft Street, Hyde, SK14 1LH

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