Applications for own choreography are open until 30 APRIL. 





The theme for this showcase is Bust Out aka breaking free from lockdown. You can stretch the theme however you want, prison escape, lockdown experiences, caterpillar to butterfly (our Pjs to glamour), let your creativity run wild! You don't have to completely match this theme with your routine, but this will be the theme for the show.



Application Fee:

There will be a £5 application fee per person, per routine, for anyone wishing to perform in their own solo, duet or group choreography in the showcase.

Please be sure you can perform at the show and attend the dress rehearsal before submitting you application. The Feedback Forum is free of charge.

Application Close Date: 30 April 

Feedback Forum: Sunday 20 June from 6pm

Dress Rehearsal: Monday 5 July from 7pm

Show Date: Saturday 10 July from 2pm

PLEASE NOTE: Attendance at the Feedback Forum is compulsory OR a video of you performing your routine (it does not have to be completed, or in costume, same as the Feedback Forum) must be sent to Kimmie before the Feedback Forum OR you must book a 121 session with a teacher of your choice with at least a semi-complete routine. If you are unable to attend the Feedback Forum/send a video/book at 121 with at least a semi-completed routine you will not be able to perform your own choreography in the showcase.

In the event your routine cannot be accepted for the showcase due to capacity issues, your application fee will be refunded.


There will be no application fee for BomBombs only performing in class routines. 

​​Show Date: Saturday 10 July 2021 

Door Open: 7:00pm

Estimated start time of show: 7:45pm                          

Estimated finish time of show: 10.30pm

Venue: Hurst Community Centre, Ashton


Technical Rehearsal: Saturday 10 July 2021

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Venue: Hurst Community Centre, Ashton

As we are performing in a theatre, we need to check spacing, sound and lighting for the show. This will be a full run-through as if we were running the show.

Feedback Forum: Sunday 20 June 2021 

Cost: Free of Charge

Time: 6pm - 8pm 

Venue: BomBomb Studio, Hyde

This is your opportunity to “perform” your routine in front of your fellow performers to give you your (possibly) first experience of rehearsing with a live audience, to help you understand the spacing available for you, and to help improve your routine/fill in any blanks you still have.


Dress Rehearsal Own Choreography: Monday 5 July 2021

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Venue: BomBomb Studios, Hyde

Cost: £5/Free of charge​ for Ultimate Sparkle members
This is your opportunity to try out your costume, perform your routine as if "on the night" and get a more accurate feel for the stage now your routine is almost ready!  

How do you confirm my place?

All applicants will be added to the showcase group. There are a maximum of 15 slots available for this showcase. In the event we receive more applications than this, priority will be given to ladies who have attend classes during the lockdown period. Please consider creating duets/trios/troupes as well as solo submissions.


We will announce the programme on the 8 May once applications have closed.

Glowing Curtain


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